11 April 2007

Merck and Arcoxia

Merck is still pursuing getting Arcoxia to market. Does anyone really think there will be much interest in the medical community in using this drug? I don't.

Why is Merck pursuing a drug likely to be a commercial failue? Good question you've asked. The simple reason is that Merck wants a defense in Vioxx cases. If Arcoxia, which is even more selective as a COX-2 blocking agent, can win approval from FDA, implying the drug's safety, then how can one suggest Vioxx was not safe for use by the general public?

The line of reasoning hold so long as Arcoxia is approved by FDA.

And there's the rub: I don't think it will be approved.

Safety: 1 Industry: 0

Update (14 April): Reason prevailed. The Advisory Committee overwhelmingly sided against Arcoxia.

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